1st and Grand San Pedro

the CUTS Crew hooked up the people of San Pedro with this new mural. More work hitting the streets very soon!


Stoked to see YouthBuild Charter School spreading some good vibes as well!



2 thoughts on “1st and Grand San Pedro

  1. Dear Cuts Crew,

    I am serving as a teacher at the YouthBuild Charter School in San Pedro. Our school meets in the Toberman center, just across the street where this mural is placed. One of the classes I’m teaching is a community service elective. Lately we have been surveying the neighborhood and it looks like keeping the streets clean is something most people are concerned with. We were so happy when we saw this mural and felt it was a confirmation to our efforts. To show you our gratitude, we decided to dedicate a portion of our class each day to cleaning up the blocks around this mural.

    Here is a photo we took with the mural: https://plus.google.com/u/1/photos/114712291675349273037/albums/6288324827736476337/6288324828876569234

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