C.U.T.S functions similarly to a traditional graffiti crew, except the focus is on community work and educating people about graffiti and hip hop culture. We strive to raise awareness about what positive contributions graffiti artists can make; in addition, we hope to redirect young people away from the streets and channel their energy into growing as artists.

The C.U.T.S crew contributes to the economy by purchasing supplies from local shops including Machine Studio, a local San Pedro community art studio, gallery and art supply shop. C.U.T.S is also the official street team for Street Paint; an American made, artist grade spray paint based in San Pedro, California. Street Paint is currently the only American made paint specifically formulated for the graffiti and street art communities.

In addition to graffiti style productions and murals, the CUTS crew is about putting more positive vibes into the world. You can find us picking up trash in the hood, cleaning up the cans at your local yard and teaching people about graffiti culture.