To Whom It May Concern,

I live in San Pedro & also own several properties there as well. Among them is a vintage brick building that sits on a busy intersection & is an irresistible magnet for taggers. If I don’t cover up their scrawling immediately, there is either more of it or else the city’s GAP crew comes by & paints using hideous blocks of unmatched color that look even worse! With a convenience store right up the block, I can clean up all the trash along my sidewalk one day, & then the very next it’s all back again.

I know most of the people who live in the neighborhood care about our community, but sadly, there are also many who are either ignorant or they’ve simply just given up. I always get stopped & thanked whenever I’m cleaning up the street or painting over the graffiti & that’s the only thing that gives me the spirit to keep at it. Because believe me, there are times when I feel like it’s nothing but a lonely, hopeless struggle

When CUTS CREW approached me about volunteering to paint a mural on the building, I had my doubts that anything would actually materialize, but I can’t say enough positive things about the work they accomplished in such a professional & efficient manner. The mural that CUTS CREW created is absolutely beautiful — I started receiving gushing compliments before I’d even driven by to look at it myself! It’s been a few weeks & so far not a hint of any new tagging — wow. We even received this encouraging note from a teacher who saw & appreciated their work:

“Dear Cuts Crew,

I am serving as a teacher at the YouthBuild Charter School in San Pedro. Our school meets in the Toberman center, just across the street where this mural is placed. One of the classes I’m teaching is a community service elective. Lately we have been surveying the neighborhood and it looks like keeping the streets clean is something most people are concerned with. We were so happy when we saw this mural and felt it was a confirmation to our efforts. To show you our gratitude, we decided to dedicate a portion of our class each day to cleaning up the blocks around this mural.”

Our community needs exactly the sort of inspirational message that CUTS CREW is delivering — using art as a medium is a perfect way to touch the lives of those who otherwise would ignore such a message. It has made a difference in our neighborhood already.


Rebecca *******




To Whom It May Concern

My name is Pastor Jon Imme. I have been pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in LakeView Terrace California for the past 40 years. Our community is a racially mixed lower middle class community. Unfortunately there is a significant gang presence in our community.

A bare cement wall on the edge of a play area for our children was a magnet for gang graffiti which alarmed our members. CUTSCREW was extremely generous with their time and resources and came out to our property and painted a beautiful mural depicting a religious scene which was very meaningful to us. The wall is  approximately 60 feet long and 6-8 feet high.

CUTSCREW also encouraged our children both African-American and Hispanic to participate in the painting. Not only did the mural help re-claim the property for the church but it was done in a ‘street-wise’ manner which drew the respect of the local gangs and they have left it alone. It was also a beautiful learning and bonding experience for the children.


Jon ****** pastor
Peace Lutheran Church
May 31, 2016